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Dog of the Week

Dog Name: MurphyA
Age: 2
Color: Liver
Gender: Male

Murphy is a gorgeous, green eyed liver boy who has had an extraordinarily difficult earlier life. He lived with 2-3 small kids, 2 small dogs + his "parents" in a rented farmhouse in Joliet IL. Male owner was seen hitting him on the head + should a number of times.One day they drove away + abandoned him in the house with no food or water. 2 days later he was found terrified by the farmer. We sent him to a boarding kennel to decompress + it seemed to work. He was adopted by a very, very loving woman in FL but she was unable to stop constantly cuddling + kissing him; that terrified him bc they didn't know each other. He shook + trembled + they soon ecame leery of each other. We decided that this was a poor match although he did beautifully with the older female rottie. He needs slow intros + to gain confidence. Murphy has been with a great behaviorist + trainer near Orlando for the last 9 mths. He's gained enormous confidence + learned to love + trust someone. He adores everyone there. He is protective of his person while allowing them space which he also wants. Like all dogs, he needs a job. His is agility + he's taught himself the basics. He has energy + drive + focus. He'd also be a happy companion for a runner while being happiest doing agility. Once he knows + cares for you, you are his world.

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