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Dog of the Week

Dog Name: Joleen
Age: 4
Color: Black
Gender: Female

LOCATED IN SAN ANTONIO, TX Joleen is a 5 yr old Dalmatian, excited to find her new home. Joleen loves everyone she meets and is especially affectionate giving kisses. She’s a typical Dalmatian with lots of energy but also lots of love! Sometimes she wags her tail so hard it “helicopter spins“! When out on walks she often seeks out the sounds of children playing, standing sweet and gently while taking in all of the attention they give her. She walks great on the leash, not pulling and listening to instructions. Joleen is housebroken, and she's happy in her crate or sleeping on her bed or your bed! Joleen loves to play fetch and will even bring the ball back to you. She does find it great fun to be chased when she has the ball but does well playing alone and entertaining herself with toys too. Like most Dalmatians, she’s a power chewer. Her favorite toys are Benebones. Princess Joleen is looking for a kingdom of her own. We don’t know her history before she came to us but it has left her aggressive with other dogs. Her foster family has received guidance and worked with her for some time, but Joleen still sometimes reacts negatively. This means no dog parks or play dates with other pups. And cats are a no-no as well. Some people may find this disappointing but Joleen assures us she is very excited to have a family’s love all to herself, and we think she deserves it! Joleen is located in San Antonio, TX. Contact Mary at [email protected] or Tena at [email protected] for more info. Adoption $400.

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