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Does anyone in your family have asthma, or allergies to cats?   If yes, how severe?

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PLEASE notify your vet and personal references that we will be contacting them!

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Do you own your home?   If yes, How long have you owned your own home?
If not, please send a letter of permission from your landlord to have a Dalmatian or Dalmatian Wannabe.
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Do you have a fenced yard?  If not, why not?
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Please describe your yard, including approximate size, level or hilly, grass or other ground cover, etc.

What kind of accommodations do you have for the dog in the cold and in the heat?

Is anyone home during the day? Hours the dog would be alone:
Where will the dog stay during the day when alone?
Do you have a dog door?   If so, where does it lead to?

Describe neighbors the dog will be involved with (Do they like dogs? Children (ages), dogs or cats?)

Any problems with neighbors currently?

What do you do with your pets when you go on vacation?

Do you own and have you used a dog crate?

Do all parties (if more than one adult in house) want a Dalmatian or Dalmatian wannabe?

Are you aware that there might be a two-week to one-month adjustment period for any adopted dog?
Are you willing to give the new dog at least a one month adjustment period after adoption?

Would you consider a second Dalmatian or Dalmatian wannabe at a future date?

We are always in need of temporary homes for our rescue dogs. Would you be willing to foster
a needy Dalmatian or Dalmatian wannabe if it is compatible with your life style and other pets?

Any other questions about the breed we can answer?

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I understand and agree that Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado, Inc. (DRCI) may refuse my adoption contract for any reason whatsoever and that submission of this application is in no way a guarantee of acceptance or placement. I further state and affirm that all information provided by me on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and is subject to verification by DRCI, its officers or assignees and further understand that falsifying information will result in my application being denied.
If a Dalmatian or Dalmatian wannabe is placed with me/us, I/we agree to cooperate with Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado, Inc. (DRCI) in its attempt to provide a smooth adoption. I also agree to contact DRCI about problems that might arise in the future. Should the dog need to be placed, or euthanized (prior to normal old age), I agree that I will contact DRCI first and will return the dog to DRCI at a location designated by DRCI. I further agree during the natural life of this dog that I will NOT take this dog to an animal shelter nor sell or give this dog to anyone else without express written authorization from DRCI.
Every reasonable effort is made to screen each Dalmatian or Dalmatian wannabe for health and temperament problems before making the dog available for adoption through DRCI. However, DRCI, its officers, board of directors, and agents cannot guarantee the health or temperament of the Dalmatians or Dalmatian wannabes available for adoption other than what is known at the time of adoption. DRCI assumes no liability for any problems arising from an adopted Dalmatian or Dalmatian wannabe in the future.
For each Dalmatian or Dalmatian wannabe adopted we request a minimum donation, to help cover expenses incurred, payable at the time of adoption: