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Adoption Proccess Steps

Important Notice!

When finalizing the adoption you must submit the signed CONTRACT and adoption donation. The CONTRACT is NOT the same as the application!

All of our dogs are provided with age appropriate vaccinations, spayed/neutered as needed, unless their health prevents it and we make every effort to microchip them prior to adoption as well. If you have any questions about the health status/vaccinations of the dog you adopt, please contact Dalmatian Rescue prior to scheduling a visit with your veterniarian. The actual costs to get many of our dogs to 'adoptable' status is far greater than we ask for in our adoption donation. When adding transportation, microchip and registration, food and housing, we will have invested on average more than $500 per dog. As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we obviously need the adoption donations to continue our rescue efforts. For each Dalmatian adopted we request a minimum donation, to help cover expenses incurred, payable at the time of adoption.

Donation amounts are found at the end of each dog's bio. The donation amount is decided based on the investment in each dog.

1: Adopting from a distance

We appreciate interest in our dogs from afar; HOWEVER, it is the responsibility of the adopter to manage the movement of the adopted dog to its new home. Often we can help, but there is no guarantee, depending on time of year, people traveling, luck, etc.

If you cannot drive to pick up your new dog yourself, then you might consider flying to the foster’s location and renting a car to drive your new friend home. Or, flying in and flying back. Flying with a dog is not cheap. It requires a veterinary health certificate, a kennel approved by the airline, plus cost of air fare. It also takes time for a volunteer to do the foot work to prepare your dog for flying (going to the vet, acquiring a kennel, going to airport, etc.). Also, temperatures must be over 45 degrees at both ends of the flight (wintertime) and under 85 degrees at both ends (summertime) if the dog goes as cargo. Many people do not want their new family member to fly alone, so even though it flies as cargo, you still would need to fly “round trip” yourself. (And Dalmatians are too big to fly in the cabin of the aircraft.) And we highly recommend that you contact your airline to get the specifics of their requirements to fly with an animal.

We cannot ask transporters who volunteer their time and money to move dogs from shelters to rescues to also help move an adopted dog. That is the responsibility of the adopter. Transporters give enough already. We do know several commercial transporters who will move dogs if there is space, and schedules and destinations coordinate with your needs, but these are not volunteers who move dogs for free from the dog’s location to your home. There is a cost involved, and it is the adopter’s responsibility to schedule and pay fees for moving a dog commercially.

If you are not conveniently close to the dog you wish to adopt, we are happy to connect you with other active Dalmatian Rescues in other parts of the country. Again, we appreciate your interest in saving one of our dogs, but we don't have the time, money, or ability to move the dog to you. You must come to us. We ARE happy to help but only IF we can. Otherwise, it is up to you to come get the dog.

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2: Breed Research

Review the section on Essential Dalmatian Information in order to better understand the breed and the type of care required. Be especially sure to read this article.

3: Submit your application

Fill out the Adoption Application Application online and submit it. Submission does not mean you are committed, but it begins the process. Our application is very detailed, but we believe that it is necessary to better help us place the right Dalmatian with the right family. So please be as complete and thorough as you possibly can in the free form responses. When identifying your references, please choose at least one that is NOT a family member. We know your family members know you well, but we’d also like to have the comments from those who are your friends or co-workers. Also, please take the time to contact those people you provide as personal references so that they will know before hand that someone from Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado will be calling them. Often, the references are taken completely by surprise and don't call us back if they don't realize that you are serious about adopting a Dalmatian. This only serves to slow the process.

4: Rescue Coordinator Contact

A Dalmatian Rescue coordinator will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your application and the dog you are interested in. Also, during this time a volunteer will be contacting your veterinary and personal references.

5: Schedule and Conduct Home Inspection

Once your references have been checked we will contact you to arrange a home visit. Home visits are required to ensure that your home is suitable for a Dalmatian and will provide a safe and secure environment for the dog. It is not our intention to conduct a 'white glove' inspection of your housekeeping abilities. What we look for during a home visit are things like potential choking hazards, poisons, escape avenues that the Dalmatian might find, comfort of the Dal, etc. Also during the home visit, the volunteer will discuss your application and provide you with information about the breed, ask about your exercise plan for the Dalmatian, etc. This 'in person interview' process allows us to better understand your needs and wants so that we can match the right dog to your situation and evironment.

6: Meet Potential Adopters

Now that your home visit has been completed and everything is on track, the next step in the adoption process is to actually meet the dog or dogs that you are interested in. Because we house our dogs in foster homes, there is no central location for this to occur. You may be asked to travel to the foster home; the foster parent may bring the dog to your home; or you and the foster parent may select an area somewhere in between to meet. After having met with the dog(s) and you decide you wish to adopt him or her (or them!) you will need to complete the adoption contract.

7: Finalize the Adoption

When you've met the Dal you'd like to adopt, and all adoption requirements have been met, your Rescue coordinator will send you an Adoption Contract to complete and sign. The completed contract, along with your adoption donation, should be returned to your Rescue Coordinator unless otherwise arranged, before you take your Dal home. If you choose to donate via PayPal, please give the Rescue Coordinator/ Foster Parent a copy of your paid receipt as arranged by your Rescue Coordinator. If you wish to adopt more than one dog, you must complete a separate Adoption Contract for EACH dog. Before you leave the foster home with the dog, you must have these two things:

  1. Either a noose leash (often called a slip leash), a leash and choke collar (may be metal or nylon) or a leash and harness. Many dogs in new situations and with new people have been known to escape the traditional buckle collar and become lost. We want to prevent this!

  2. Your own identification on the dog. This must be at a minimum your name and TWO phone numbers, although we suggest that the ID have the dog's name, your last name, two phone numbers, and the words "NEEDS MEDS - REWARD". (See sample images below.) In addition, your dog will come with his/her Dalmatian Rescue ID tag and microchip tag. These tags MUST remain on the collar as an additional safeguard and contact source.

Every effort is made to screen Dalmatians available for adoption. However, Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado, Inc., its officers, and Rescue Committee members cannot guarantee the health or temperament of the Dalmatians available for adoption and do not accept liability for any problems arising from an adopted Dalmatian. All adoptions are at the risk of the adopter.