Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado

Dog Name: Mika
Age: 6; Color: Black; Gender: Female
Current Location: Live Oak, TX
Current Foster: None
Listing Date: 0000-00-00
Contact: Tena Price

Hello Everybody! My name is Mika (mee-kuh). Iím a Dalmatian mix, and a little bit bigger girl (because I am tall), but I only weigh about 55-57 pounds. I could stand to lose another couple of pounds, but the food is good here and we have yummy treats! Iím not telling, but I am probably mixed with either a larger hound or something like a Great Pyrenees because I have dewclaws on my back feet and a tiny bit of an undercoat. I am getting along well with my foster sisters and with a boy dog that was fostering with me for a while. I am kind of bold, and a bit rowdy, when meeting new dogs, so slow introductions will be required. Once I learn to trust you, I will play with you all day. I do like to set the rules among the four-leggeds, so I have some opinions about sharing the water bowl, guarding my space, and occasionally wanting to keep my bone or my person to myself. I wonít get too upset though if you just understand my rules. My foster Mom is working on this with me. I do great hanging around the food bin while Mom gets our dinner, and I am very considerate when the treats are being doled out, but my new parents need to continue working on this resource guarding thing with me. I have not been around cats or kids, but I do very well leaving the resident house bunnies alone (well, except to eat the bunny berries. Those guys are like regular treat dispensers, itís kinda cool!). I love to be with my person, and I follow her everywhere. Sometimes I climb in her lap or jump on her, but I am working on that. I am also a very good girl and can stay in my own room even when Mom leaves the house, but I do well lounging in my crate when I have to. I have very good potty habits although I did do a little submissive peeing when I first got here because I was scared about being in a new place. I havenít done that in a long time though. I would love a home where I am either an only dog or have one or two more submissive buddies. I do love to play, so a play buddy would be nice. I donít think I would like the dog park. Please contact my foster mom Tara @ spotteddogs91@hotmail.com or our friend Ms. Tena at tjp@mygrande.net and ask more about me. I am so looking forward to my new forever home! Mika is located in Live Oak (San Antonio), TX. Adopter must pick up. She is spayed, HW Neg, and current on vaccinations. Adoption fee $350.00 Applications may be submitted at www.dalmatianrescueco.org