Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado

Dog Name: Meggie
Age: 2; Color: Black; Gender: Female
Current Location: Albuquerque, NM
Current Foster: None
Listing Date: 2021-11-05
Contact: Jeannine Holt

COURTESY POST for DALMATIAN RESCUE OF NEW MEXIXO Hi, I am Meggie. Thatís short for Nutmeg, the color of my ear spots. I am a girl and about two years old. Foster mom says I need to say this first. I can jump a 5-6 foot block wall. I can climb chain link. I should be called Houdini. Okay, now to the important stuff. First love: I love humans and love to cuddle. Tummy rubs are my idea of a good way for you to spend your time. I love playing with playful dogs. Old, crotchety dogs will not enjoy my energy. Remember, I am still a puppy. I play for hours with the other two year old in the house. I would like a yard and need a secure 7 foot fence. I love kids and my Grandlittles love me. I hang out with them (ages 2 to 10 years old) I do have a big loud bark so I might scare timid kids but I would certainly not mean to. I am very good in the house when mom is home. I love toys, love, love, LOVE toys. Balls, squeaky toys, split antler chews, rubber chew toys, stuffed toys. I have not met a toy I donít love. My Foster Mom recommends crating me when you leave since I am destructive when my mom leaves me loose in the house when she is gone. If I am in the crate, I am fine. I have separation anxiety and want to be with FM. I get a little worried when I am left alone. Another option is to wear a basket muzzle when I am home alone so I donít have to be crated. I can eat and drink with my muzzle. I go to my box (crate) when I am asked but still like a little bribe or Kong chew when I am there. My favorite crate treat is a peanut butter stuffed Kong. Delish! And I stay nicely in my crate until my FM gets home and then we have a welcome home party. THIS MEANS IF YOU GO OFF TO WORK FOR LONG HOURS, I AM NOT THE RIGHT DOG FOR YOU. I CAN STAY IN MY CRATE FOR ABOUT 5 HOURS BUT THEN I NEED TO BE ABLE TO PLAY AND GET EXERCISE THE REST OF THE DAY. I have good manners obedience so I sit and wait for my dinner until I hear FM say okay. I know sit and am learning down. I am pretty good about coming when I am inside. I know it means a cookie. Outside, not so good. Sometimes I just stare at FM and consider my options. This is not a big hit with FM so we are working on that skill. I want to go to an obedience class (FM is an obedience instructor and thinks ALL dogs should go) but I like being smart and I like making my humans happy. Please give me a chance to learn new things. I need to get used to strange people and places first though so I am not scared. I bark when I am scared or worried. We work on HUSH around here and I am pretty good unless I am scared. I donít jump on people but I really want to. Instead, I bounce in front of them. I donít jump on my Grandlittles and when I am calm, they give me cookies so I know how to sit in front of them quietly. I get excited when someone new comes into the house but I calm down after a few minutes. We have lots of Human and doggie visitors here. Unfortunately, I havenít gone many places out of the house to socialize with people and get used to strange things. I do go on doggie walks and am a good walker as long as I have my prong collar on (Lola Limited | Lola's Unique Dog Collars & Leashes LLC ) I do need that practice of getting out to Lowes or Home Depot. Itís just my FM just doesnít go many places right now. Boring details: I am spayed, UTD on Vaccinations, Heartworm negative, and housebroken. I weigh about 50 pounds and am very strong. For more info, contact Lyn Melin with Dalmatian Rescue of New Mexico at: cnspotz101@q.com