Below is our standard Foster Care Agreement which you can review online. Click the button below to print the contract, then fill it out and fax it to us.

Printer Friendly Contract

   FAX: 970-377-9509    NO COVER LETTER NEEDED

This agreement is entered into between Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Dalmatian Rescue) and the undersigned person(s) (hereinafter referred to as Foster Person).

  • Foster Person agrees to give the rescued dog food, indoor shelter, and kind and loving care for a limited period of time. UNTIL PLACED OR WHEN FOSTER PERSON CAN NO LONGER KEEP THE DOG. HE/SHE ALSO AGREES TO NOTIFY DALMATIAN RESCUE IMMEDIATELY IF THE DOG ESCAPES.

  • Foster Person understands that Dalmatian Rescue has no prior knowledge of the dog's temperament, and will take due care to protect anyone who may come in contact with the dog from harm.

  • Foster Person will not seek to hold Dalmatian Rescue responsible for damage to persons, property, or injury to other animals.

  • Dalmatian Rescue will be financially responsible for any veterinary care it deems necessary for the fostered dog at a veterinarian of Dalmatian Rescue's choice, only if:

  • Prior approval has been received from Dalmatian Rescue and 

  • Required care was not caused by neglect or misconduct by Foster Person.

  • If the amount of veterinary care is deemed inordinately high by the Dalmatian Rescue board, the Foster Person may choose to obtain the necessary care at their cost with the veterinarian of their choice.

  • Foster Person agrees that any dog fostered by him/her remains the property of Dalmatian Rescue, and that Foster Person will not relocate the dog from his/her primary residence or dispose of it in any manner without prior notice to and approval of Dalmatian Rescue.

  • Foster Person will return the dog to Dalmatian Rescue upon request.

  • If Foster Person desires to adopt the dog after the 30 day trial period, the Foster Person agrees to sign and return the Adoption Contract within one month, together with a minimum $150 contribution to help defray Dalmatian Rescue's expenses, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.
        Foster Person (Please Print): ______________________________________
      Signature of Foster Person: ______________________________________
  Date: ______________________________________
  Address (Please, no P.O. boxes): ______________________________________
  City/State/Zip: ______________________________________
Home/Work/Cell Phone: ______________________________________
  Email Address: ______________________________________
  Dalmatian Rescue Agent: ______________________________________
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