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Dog of the Week

Dog Name: Emma2
Age: 2; Color: Black; Gender: Female
Current Location: Alamogordo, NM
Listing Date: 2017-06-01
Contact: Beth White

Dear sweet Emma found herself in a "way" and had a litter in the shelter. Nearly feral herself (we can only imagine her prior life), she was separated from her pups when the time was right and went into foster care in NM. Still somewhat shy, Emma, however, now sleeps on the bed with mom and will go on her own to a crate to sleep. She does not need to be crated because she is so good in the house. This little lady is good with many sized dogs and cats too. She is still somewhat timid with new people but when she relaxes, she will give little licks on your fingers. Emma is not food aggressive and she lays on the floor with a leg on each side of the bowl when she eats. So cute! She only barks when she should, otherwise she is quiet. We are guessing that she is possibly a herding breed x Dalmatian. With one ear up and one ear down, she is most unique. How about a Uni Que for Ewe? For more information, contact Beth at beth@dalmatianrescueco.org. Adoption $250.

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