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DRC, a designated 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization, is not a shelter. We are a group of volunteers who work with rescued dogs by fostering them in our own homes whenever possible; hence treating them the same as one of our own. We will use a kennel or day care if necessary to save a dog, but that dog will move to a foster home as soon as possible. All costs associated with the care of our dogs come from adoption donations and from the generosity of donors. We provide vaccinations, spaying/neutering, socialization and training of these dogs until a permanent home can be found. Our number one commitment is to the Dalmatians and Dalmatian Wannabes that come our way. We carefully screen all applicants and do home visits to assure each dog is placed in the best home for him/her and he/she is the best companion for that home.

Dog of the Week

Dog Name: Samson
Age: 6; Color: Black; Gender: Male
Current Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Current Foster: None
Listing Date: 1/13/17
Contact: Tena Price
Sponsored by:

My name is Samson. Aren't I handsome? I am a beautiful boy inside and out. I am so colorful and my spots are black, brown and brindle. My tail is docked so I won't be knocking anything off your coffee table. I am probably a Dalmatian x Aussie mix because I do have a thicker coat than a Dalmatian. In the house, I am crate trained but I don't need to use one since I am so trustworthy. I really like people but I am mellow. Like other dogs too! I love to go on walks and I don't play hard when I do play with other dogs. I don't care about cats nor small dogs like Chihuahuas. I note they're there and move on. I have been around horses in my one foster home too and since they are big, I just try to avoid them. I have been treated for heartworms because I came from south TX and am now living in Colorado Springs, CO where it is beautiful. For more information, contact Karl at dalguy@comcast.net. Adoption $300.

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Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
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